Let Kow Law Advice of Verified Marriage Certificate Nadra (2021) by Lawyer

3 min readJun 7, 2021


Walima and Marriage Certificate Nadra:

Jamila Law Associates is the top firm for issuing marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. The Marriage certificate Nadra is must require after court marriage and marriage In Pakistan. Our team of our lawyer will guide you hat how to get the Marriage certificate verification and Computerized marriage certificate Pakistan. Allah/s Messenger has disallowed us to take food of two such people who serve a meal to outdo one another arrogance and ostentation are the reasons for the prohibition after marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. Thus, participation in such weddings is disallowed clearly when ostentation and pride are behind it. (Asbab ul Ghaflah Din was Dunia, P-484)


every custom was observed in the marriage of my step-sister from my mother’s side. Women instigated her mother to shun every caution on the marriage of her sole daughter; they attend the marriage itself though not the customs that I deplore. Marriage itself is sunnah and I will surely participate. My mother, the innocent woman, fell into their instigation.

Wedding Procession:

The wedding procession was to come on Fridays I offered the Friday Salah in the main mosque and directly boarded a train to Bhayani. There, I did not say anything, not even to my family members. When it was the time of, Maghrib, they looked out for me that I might conduct the marriage resulting in marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan, but they could not find me, I went late on next day that I might not see anything of evil, All the family members repented their mistake because did not attend, They agreed that everything was extravagant and would not do such a thing again. By the grace of Allah, never has such a thing been done again in my family after that. (Al-Ifadat al Yawmiyah. P362).

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When professional dancing and singing women perform, they are watched by non-Mahrams money which implies adultery of the eyes and the ears resulting in marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. When they talk to them, they commit adultery of the tongue and when they are inclined to them, their hearts commit adultery. Some who are more indecent, touch then), thereby committing adultery of the hand and when they walk towards then) that is adultery of their feet, The Hadith says that like the adultery of the actual action, seeing, listening, walking, etc. are also forms of adultery by the eyes, ears, and feet. The open, undaunted commission of sin is greater.

In Islamic Point of View:

We learn from Hadith that when people become immodest and indecent to the extent that they commit indecency openly then they will surely suffer from plague and other diseases that were unknown to their elders. As for the dancing among family women themselves, some of them twist their bodies before the others and some others join in the pranks. These things are disallowed whether drums and other instruments are used or not in marriage certificate Nadra and Nadra divorce certificate in Pakistan. When we are disallowed to watch monkeys dance and show their tricks, then how can we get human beings to perform such things for us, besides, men of the house might happen to see the women dance, when they sing, their voice might carry over to men outside the home. Our Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan is here for all kind of legal cases.